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Life and Work before BodyTalk 


From 2001 to 2010, I immersed myself in the beauty of consciousness studies from all different angles --- in my free time - on weekends, retreats, and classes after my day at work. It gradually just became part of my being.   Another passion was working as a volunteer with Fundación Manos del Sur, helping kids in Latin America. and ASADI  


My Day Jobs: 


From 1999-2009, my day in Miami consisted of advisory and development work for businesses, internet start-ups, and non-profits as well in Business Development for OBM International, a world-wide architecture/planning development firm specializing in projects which grow organically with environment and local culture. From 1996-1999 was spent in NYC in corporate finance at UBS Securities, and later at a small advisory firm, BN&P Advisory, working in Latin American Project Finance. 


How does this past life above relate to BodyTalk?


It does not seem like it does. Yet... My work ranged from the very creative aspects to very detail oriented. I was working with both sides of my brain, the logical, detail-oriented left brain as well the creative and imaginative right brain. I feel this prepared me for my studies, a balance of both left scientific thinking as well as the intuitive.


Then most notably, with all my studies and experience, I was changing, life was changing, and well something needed to change. My WHOLE life changed.  It was not an easy process; my past life was at times difficult to leave.  My mind thought --- I have a "responsibility" to continue my life the way it was during the crisis of 2009. However, my heart and whole being were saying otherwise.  


Discovering BodyTalk


With the discovery of BodyTalk, finally everything I was experiencing and studying for the last 10 years came together in one beautiful, compassionate, heart-centered, grounded-in-innovative science, and effective system.  I could also contribute to others’ lives in a deep healing and inspiring way.  Wow!  It has been a love affair ever since.  Furthermore, receiving BodyTalk treatments helped immensely in making the changes more easily and joyfully.  



Even better news, I will continue to use this past experience in business, strategy, and development by applying the BodyTalk System to businesses, organizations and groups. You can read about this in BodyTalk for Business.


A journey of learning and taking leaps of faith


Everything we learn and anything that expands our consciousness and understanding has a reason for being. Nothing is lost time. After all my learning, growth, travels, especially experiencing life and meeting people from many different cultures, traditions, faiths, and belief systems, my desire is to work with individuals and help them  experience more freedom, joy and love in their lives. In the end, my passion is service, wherever I am. If my being can in a small way, with a smile, or in a "perceivably" more significant way, through BodyTalk - make a positive impact on your life - I have had an amazing day.

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