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BodyTalk Conference @ Vancouver 

August 2015, What a Line-up

Nassim Haramein, Quantum Physicist

The Connected Universe: A Fundamental Transformation of Human Awareness


Gerald H. Pollack, Ph.D

The Fourth Phase of Water: Implications for Health.

     The Study of the Fourth Phase explains how water processes solar and other energies. Still, also it may provide a foundation for a simpler understanding of natural phenomena ranging from weather and green energy to biological issues such as the origin of life, transport, and health.

BodyTalk Conference Vancouver

Dr. John Veltheim, Founder of the BodyTalk System: BodyTalk Theory & Principles: Past, Present, & Future

     BodyTalk has been undergoing very rapid development in the past two years.  The new understandings and insights are changing the face of BodyTalk practice in my conference presentation.  I will be giving a summary of the history of BodyTalk theory and the way it was incorporated into the modules.  I will then summarize the recent radical changes in practicing BodyTalk and what it means to your practical applications.


Gayathri Shylesh

     BodyTalk as a Spiritual Practice for Self-Transformation Through the lens of Yoga!  As BodyTalk has evolved over the years and has rapidly changed in the last few years, I observed how we are moving forward to meet science and present BodyTalk as a healthcare system.  My view has always been that BodyTalk is a metaphysical, spiritual system of which the health improvements are a huge bonus.


This presentation will address my perspective of the underbelly of this unique system as a profound spiritual practice with its footing in the metaphysical philosophies of Sankhya and Advaita Vedanta from India and other Speakers.

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Conference Vancouver

BodyTalk Parama Campus inaugurated, facilitating online study,

hence the socks... 

Parama campus unveil
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