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In reverence...


The Path to the Self or Liberation is a mystery  - that is all we know 


"It is the love, seeking itself to Wholeness." Sandra

Before reading below, it is essential to consider the following quotation from "In the Teachings of the Buddha, a handbook of Buddhist Scriptures": 


"... those who are following the Way to (Awakening) must not grasp after it, and if they gain Awakening they must not linger in it." Buddha

To all of us on this beautiful adventure towards Awakening of Consciousness or Enlightenment, I am happy to share more about BodyTalk.

One of BodyTalk's primary "purposes" is "Individuation" - realizing Self and getting to know who you are beyond body and mind. It includes the letting go of limiting belief systems and concepts, the freedom from conditioning,  and letting go of personal will and our endless desires, which can cause suffering.

With this intention, Dr. Veltheim created the BodyTalk System, and while your health benefits immensely.


Individuation is a Jungian term from renowned psychologist Carl Gustav Jung, who put forth that the human process of getting to know our authentic Self and that all imbalances or dis-eases that we experience come from the separation from the divine.

      BodyTalk, in my view, uses the word "Individuation," rather than Enlightenment or Awakening, to show humility, and express reverence to the process of liberating ourselves from all conditioning and limitations. It is a journey towards the purity of heart, the heart's highest wisdom, the balance and merging of the masculine and feminine, unity, the highest realization.


       Regardless, it must be said, BodyTalk is not a substitute for your practice, your Spiritual Path, your heart, your inner knowing, you, your Guru, Sat Guru, your heart, your path. The Awakening, Enlightenment, or Liberation Process is part effort, part Grace, a Gift, and a complete surrender to the mystery.  


       BodyTalk is gentle and profound assistance along the way to realizing a purity of heart, wisdom, and an alignment with your unique individual spiritual path and potential. It can beautifully walk you forward, powerfully assist you in letting go of limiting belief systems, and finding integration and awareness at all levels of being. 

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