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     In October 2015, BodyTalk practitioners and other colleagues traveled to Peru to serve the Q'ros Nation, thought to be descendants of the Inca. The Q'ero, however, do differ in that they are and have been peaceful. The have lived isolated from other tribes throughout history and they have not had a war since their known existence.


     The Q'ros live in one of the most remote areas of Peru. It took a six-hour drive and a three-day walking and overnight camping journey to arrive at the closest community from Cuzco. Since the Q'ero communities are so remote, they have little access to healthcare and education. There is a school in only one of the Q'ero communities, and children in other communities who attend the school walk three hours to get to and from school every day. 


     Upon arrival, we offered BodyTalk and other healing sessions to the children and adults. We also brought with us donated essential daily hygiene products, glasses, and educational supplies. We also had with us an Acupuncturist and two Myofascial Therapists who brought their expertise in healing. We worked as a great team serving four communities.  It was a true honor to be with the Q'ero nationa and a great healing, spiritual, and physical adventure.  


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