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Like we learned in our trip to Peru, BodyTalk has no language barrier. We all experienced the deep human connection through the innate wisdom of the BodyMind. My teacher, Dr. Janet Galipo, Holly Steflik, organized the trip. CBP and teacher, a Tibetan Scholar, and a Doctor of Chinese Medicine from Bhutan. It was an inspiring and fabulously challenging trip.


In October 2017, we began one of the most exciting trips to Nepal, Bhutan, and the Himalayas. Practitioners from the U.S. and Europe traveled to Nepal to provide free holistic health care to Nepalese and Tibetan refugee communities.


Many areas in Nepal are still without essential services, including healthcare, in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake and the 2017 flood. The practitioners were a combined group of doctors and therapists with various health care skills. All therapists addressed many medical concerns, including digestive problems, lung issues, knee and back pain, fatigue and low energy, and trauma from immigrating and the 2015 Earthquake.


Nepal is a country of beautiful diversity, including urban, mountain, and rural areas. It has the low Himalayan region where Nepal grows coffee and other tropical crops, and then the higher snow-peaked Himalayas, which you can visit with guides. We spent most of our time in the lower Himalayas serving in the urban area of Kathmandu and in rural areas where beautiful yellow mustard seed fields color the region.​


We spent our first few days serving Tibetan refugees fleeing the communist Chinese in Tibet. We also received an in-kind donation of Chinese herbs and other natural remedies, which we gave to the patients. These natural remedies help with immune function, digestion, stress levels, parasites, among a few others. It was a beautiful trip.



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