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​"It's innovative, compassionate & effective.A therapy to look forward to.  It becomes a journey led by the heart - reminding us how to live fully, in our own unique way."

BodyTalk is WholeHealthCare

BodyTalk is a holistic therapy that identifies and heals your condition's unique, priority causes while addressing symptoms.

BodyTalk works by:​

  • Addressing the whole being - the physical, emotional, vital, spiritual, generational, and environmental factors affecting your health, not just parts and symptoms.

  • Softly identifying your healing priorities through a simple muscle-testing technique. 

  • Re-communicating, balancing & strengthening your body-mind.

  • Creating the optimal conditions for your body to heal itself and promoting long-term wellness. 

BodyTalk also uses "the breath" to deepen healing and relaxation and light tapping techniques to synchronize the body-mind.



Bridging the gap between health, education, and the science of awareness.

We provide the vision, tools, and training to Practitioners, Instructors, Members, and Students worldwide. We proactively represent the interests of over 4000 members. Tens of thousands of students have studied within our curriculum, and momentum is building to recognize the BodyTalk System as a profession.



John Veltheim:    Co-founder

Esther Veltheim:  Co-founder


IBA Headquarters:  Sarasota, USA

IBA Europe:  Schönebeck, Germany

IBA Australasia:   Mansfield, Australia



The IBA has more than 200 certified Instructors, Trainers, and Trainees teaching its curricula in BodyTalkBreakThroughMindScape, and FreeFall Systems. The training regimen for our Instructors is rigorous, and the certification standards are high to ensure that these powerful courses are taught at the highest professional level possible.



The IBA Membership is the core of the International BodyTalk Association. Professionals and students worldwide practice and promote BodyTalk and the Life Science courses to the general public, integrate these courses into their professional practices and form a broad but closely knit matrix of support for each other.

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