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In my practice, I work mainly with BodyTalk and offer other modalities such as Access Consciousness Bars, Psych-K, Psychological Astrology. I also teach meditation and self-healing techniques to keep you supported in between sessions. 

  • It's about letting go.

  • It's about unveiling your natural wisdom. 

  • It's about healing and growing.

  • It's about discovering with compassionate self-responsibility.

  • It's about a soft yet profound process of transformation

  • It's about being rather than doing, the essence of life

BodyTalk is usually done once every two to three weeks. If you would like to accelerate your growth we can meet weekly or bi-weekly to learn how to self-heal, do breathwork, meditation, generational healing, BodyTalk for Business, Yoga, astrology, and other healing modalities.  See below. 




  • BodyTalk - Healing and Health Coaching

  • Generational Healing with BodyTalk

  • Family Healing with BodyTalk

  • BodyTalk for Business

  • BodyTalk for Personal Growth

  • BodyTalk for Spiritual Growth

  • Psych-K - a technique for healing belief systems

  • Meditation

  • MAA Process - Learning how to Self-Heal through Awareness

  • Access Bars Consciousness (Healing)

  • Access FaceLift 

  • Yoga - Currently not teaching.

  • Teaching Self-Healing

  • Breathwork

  • Astrology

Rock Maze



As a client/patient, you can choose a process tailored to your needs.  We can work with BODYTALK, a complete healing system easily integrated with other modalities, PSYCH-K, ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS BARS, and meditatively and self-healing through the MAA Process.  They all work in similar ways, engaging different aspects of your Body, Mind, and Spirit for growth, transformation, and full enjoyment of your life. 


This self-healing technique is about integration and transcendence. Meditation, Awareness, and Allowing Process (the MAA process) is one of the core techniques you will learn. It is a process that helps us be in touch with our body-mind and spirit in a more profound way. Integration, acceptance, and softness are the way to healing and freedom/

What do you mean by freedom? It is about being free of what is holding you back in being the most authentic, happy and whole you—letting go of what keeps you stuck in patterns of thought/ behavior that no longer serve you. 



"Astrology is assured of recognition from psychology, without further restrictions, because astrology represents the summation of all the psychological knowledge of antiquity." ― C.G. Jung


     I practice Psychological Astrology that will nurture your soul.  I studied with the London School of Psychological Astrology, which takes a Jungian and integrative Astrology perspective, "Know Thyself." Life is a healing journey towards integration, individuation, and your unique full expression.

     Astrology can be a beautiful way to learn more about yourself in the journey of life, bringing more awareness of the world around you.  Renew your perspective about self and others.  It can be a shortcut to healing and more remarkable healing and understanding on all levels.



1.  Natal Chart and Transits One hour and half-hour sessions.  The Natal Chart of Birth Astrology Chart is all about you and current transformational themes. 

2.  The Synastry Chart - Relationship Chart, two people, and their interaction.

3.  The Solar Return Chart - your Birthday and transformational themes for the year ahead. ​ 

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