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Fears and Phobias

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"Letting go is not easy because there are many unknown layers to our fears.  BodyTalk can put all the factors together to help you feel less burdened and more free." Sandra Borgonovo 

Carmen Elena, San Salvador, El Salvador, February 2012. "I live in El Salvador, on the Pacific Earthquake fault. For years, I have been PHOBIC of tremors, and I would experience trauma at any slight earth shake and not enter high-rise buildings and elevators. Sandra did five sessions on me, and twice, the fear of earthquakes came up. Lately, I have noticed - I have no more fear. The freedom is fantastic and less shock to my body and worry!"  Permission to share the real name. 


Mariana, San Salvador, El Salvador, "I have always thought that I had no fear of relationships with men because of all my spiritual work. Hmm. I had just begun a relationship and developed a stomach ache (solar plexus area). For four days, I had a fever. After the session, Sandra told me she had balanced me for fear of relationships, among other physiological items. Something unconscious was being triggered.  That night, my stomach ache got worse, and I experienced what you can call a detox overnight! In 12 hours, it cleared. Now, I am looking forward to changes in my relationships."

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