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Cancer and Chemotherapy Support


As an adjunct to allopathic cancer treatments, BodyTalk helps the body better handle nausea and other side effects from chemo drugs or radiation, helping the body come back into balance and heal more completely. BodyTalk is also effective in pain management therapies.


Experience of BodyTalk with patients with Cancer has helped with:


  • fatigue

  • headaches

  • nausea

  • emotions 

  • family stress

  • fears 

  • chemotherapy support, before, during, and after


       Patients receiving a cancer diagnosis is a terrifying moment in someone's life. The road ahead is often full of uncertainty, a rollercoaster of emotions, fears, dread of chemotherapy, and stressful family dynamics. In BodyTalk, we have seen patients go from absolute fear to manage emotions better and even experience peace. BodyTalk can help us accept and integrate conflicting feelings and thoughts for the patient and family members. 


       A person will more easily heal in a state of love, acceptance, and hope, rather than worry, fear, and hopelessness. Our state of mind either helps or deters our healing process. BodyTalk helps strengthen the body, mind, emotions, psychology, and spirit.


       Family:  A cancer diagnosis can also be very tough on family and friends. Family members will often choose to come into therapy to manage their feelings better to avoid further stress on the patient. In addition, family members feel that watching a loved one go through the disease can be just as painful for them as if they were going through it themselves. 

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