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Serving women in El Salvador who have endured abuse

At the beginning of 2019, Roxana Orellana, a Psychologist and a childhood friend of mine, invited me to serve at Sendas Centro de Vida, which translates to, Pathways, Life Center.  I worked in collaboration with the full-time psychologist in residence in the association. 


Serving here made a difference in these women's lives, helping them liberate themselves from the pain and patterns of abuse.  In this section, I will not post pictures.  What I can do, is tell you that these women are the most courageous women I have ever met.  I am in awe. 


Abuse usually begins early in the home, whether physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.  Then, abuse usually continues in adulthood.  We see these patterns at all ages of life.   Healing work and awareness of their self-worth are crucial to break the cycle of abuse and go forward in life.  Furthermore, they break the cycle for future generations. 


On some level or at one point in our lives, all of us may have experienced abuse.   We face the abuse, and it is possible to heal, resolve pain at all levels with understanding, and then integrate while moving on more freely and beautifully.


Along with Psychological therapy and Somatic experiencing workshops, the women receiving BodyTalk healed faster.  They can recover at all levels of the mind in each session.  Healing trauma, injuries, belief systems, any disease they may have developed during the period of the abuse, and prevention of any in the future. 


It is lovely to see their smiles when they, for the first time, experience self-love, feel lightness, freedom, and the "aha" moments of awareness for example, "I did not do anything wrong."  


One of the most beautiful moments, although there were many, was when a woman came into my office and she said: "I have never felt beautiful.  In fact, I actually look at myself in the mirror now and say I see beauty and strength, and I am living." She was not only referring to her physical beauty; it was her being, her spirit, the love, the acceptance of herself, and of her process.  Priceless.

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