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The BodyTalk philosophy is that every person has a unique situation that can be addressed. All we need to ask is: what is the priority for the person, what needs to be balanced and in a specific order.


BodyTalk is for ANY CONDITION since we ask the body what it needs, we access the causes, and relieve symptoms.  Once balanced, the client's own innate (natural) healing capacity will address specific symptoms and create lasting patterns of good health. 

Family Health


BodyTalk is safe for the whole family and your child of any age.  You will notice improvements in your child, especially with such conditions as hyperactivity, not paying attention in school, fears, and other emotional or psychological situations your child may be going through.

BodyTalk can also address issues within your family as a whole.  Families are always an interdependent combination of emotional, psychological, generational, and energetic relationships that will improve with BodyTalk or BodyTalk Family Matrix Sessions. 


Only one person from the family needs to come to the sessions.  However, healing is exponential if more than one person from a family unit decides to receive sessions.  Specific interactions and issues may come up as a priority, and you and your whole family will benefit.



  • Allergies

  • Acne


  • Addiction

  • Adopted children, adaptation, and healing abandonment.

  • Bullying

  • Depression

  • Dyslexia

  • General school stress

  • Grief

  • Healing abandonment issues in general

  • Autism and other developmental conditions

  • Focus in School 

  • Social Adaptability and stress

  • Divorce and its effect on your child

  • Recovery of physical injuries

  • School stress, teenage stress

  • Childhood diabetes, if the child is under doctor care and treatment.

Families as a whole

  • Psychological family dynamics

  • A family move, relocation
  • Financial Issues within Family

  • Separation and Divorce

  • Alcoholism and other addictions

  • Emotional and Physical Abuse

  • Death of a family member

  • Healing and palliative care for the prolonged illness of a family member and family adaptation.

  • The sudden illness of family member and family-adaptation

  • Family Trauma

  • All conditions and diseases


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