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Today, several therapies recognize the "passing down" of physical, psychological, and mental health problems and inherited family conflicts and behaviors from generation to generation. These phenomena influence our state of emotional and physical health and the development of different aspects of our life.

Passed-down tendencies are seen in genetics. Recent research, however, shows that there are cultural, belief system-based, energetic, and environmental factors that cannot be attributed to genetics.


BodyTalk identifies the priority hereditary factors, genetic, cultural, beliefs,  and other factors that are affecting your health and the health of your family.


BodyTalk can diminish the emotional charge stemming from these factors so that the client/patient can live more peacefully. We begin to feel more peace in family relationships, marriage, work, and relationships in general. The healing response benefits the person who receives the sessions and past and future generations.


Heal Across the Generations

"In BodyTalk, healing across generations is a gentle, simple, and a private process. In my experience, rarely does a person experience a strong emotional response. It is compatible with therapies that address generational issues."


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