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HOLISTIC THERAPIES, such as BodyTalk, are defined as the science and art of facilitating healing by considering the individual's physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and life factors, not just parts, and isolated symptoms.


A Consciousness-Based therapy

It has applications in health and medicine, healing and prevention, personal growth, coaching, psychology, career, business, and other areas.  

A WholeLifeCare Therapy

BodyTalk can shift every area of your life, provide healing, improve relationships, personal growth, peace, joy, career transformation, and more. 

A Profound Healing Therapy

When you don't have a diagnosis, immune disorders, trauma, or serious diseases, BodyTalk can help. 

BodyTalk is WholeHealthCare™ 


  • WholeHealthcare addresses the whole person and considers the entire context of their life to improve their health without your having to share every detail. 


  • WholeHealthcare understands the psychology of the body and its influence on your health, a true mind-body medicine. 


  • Whole-Healthcare explores the hidden causes of illness by looking at physical, psychological, emotional, genetic, and environmental factors. 

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