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Maya, NY, NY. "A complete skeptic at first; I've experienced three distance sessions and one in person, each time, I was more relaxed emotionally and felt more clear-minded and centered. I felt more in touch with my heart and inner voice- the body talk helped clear the chatter and worry."


Elaine, FL, May-12 - email (with permission to share): I heard the BodyTalk Session with my attention and heart, and I think I felt some shift in me. I have been feeling good energy, and I have been very calm. Thank you with much love. I want to do my next session with you.


Beth: Minnesota (with permission to share), May 2011 after the first session, email: "I slept so well feel great. Not sure what you did, exactly, except what you told me. I do know you are gifted; you know what you are doing."

"When the hands are further away, the Morphogenetic Field is accessed. This field uses extremely high-frequency energy to replace and regenerate all tissues. This is how non-local healing is accomplished."–

Dr. James Oschmann


Option 1: We can be on the phone, Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom, or other platforms. 


Option 2: We will set up an appointment, day, and time. We don't have to be online simultaneously, and you will receive your session recorded by VoiceNote, with guided instructions. 

Soothing Bell

genuine poetry can
communicate before it is

T.S. Eliot


"I've been working online with patients even before I was certified in 2011 when I offered sessions for free during my training." Sandra Borgonovo
"BodyTalk is experiential, and I saw changes in my patients/clients even before I was Certified. I have had clients from Argentina, the Philippines, Italy, Myanmar (next to Bangladesh),  Spain, the United States, and other countries." Sandra Borgonovo

Long Distance Healing, or Remote Healing, is an energetic healing process realized through Quantum Physics Principles. We are all connected.
In my practice, distance sessions have proven to be just as or more effective than in-person sessions. Distance healing is also known as "non-local" healing in medical-scientific circles.
Many institutions now hold seminars in non-local healing. Hospital studies have demonstrated that those ill do much better than patients who do not receive prayers.
Distance Healing can be done with people worldwide, and clients can feel the effects, which are often permanent. References to research on Distance Healing can be found on the Institute of Noetic Sciences website.


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