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Everything in your BodyMind is connected - Within and Outside of You – You are not separate from your environment. S of your bodymind can also worsen or improve depending on the health of your environment and relationships.


It is not only the Mind affects the Body, but also the Body affects the Mind; it all the same. They interrelate.  One part is hurting, other parts of your bodymind do their best to adapt, yet usually rather inefficiently. 


BodyTalk helps your body perform a faster healing, removing those factors which prevent you from getting to an optimun state of balance. 


BodyTalk is a therapy that considers everything internally and externally, and at all levels of the BodyMind, physical, mental.  It allows your body to perform homestasis (balance) more efficiently. 


From Biology online: What is homeostasis?

1) The tendency of an organism or a cell to regulate its internal conditions, usually by a system of feedback and controls, so as to stabilize health and functioning, regardless of the outside changing conditions

(2) The ability of the body or a cell to seek and maintain  condition of equilibrium or stability within its internal environment when dealing with external changes

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Connecting to the Beauty you already are 


BodyTalk helps unveil the Beauty you already are and have in your Heart-Mind. What happens is that because of experiences we have in our life, we are afraid... we forget, we protect, and that affects us and how relate to the world.


We are in fear, we feel trapped, we fell constricted, and that has been programed within us throughout all your life. We try and we try, to say will not be afraid, yet the fear is still there, and those subconscious memories keep on manifesting our lives.


Besides BodyTalk, intention, deep meditation, breathing, other therapies, and other ways of connecting to our higher wisdom are helpful. However, if you find yourself not improving, or feeling chronic sadness, fear, tiredness, or any form of dis-ease, don’t wait any longer; try this therapy -- it will help you move through at a much faster pace through those difficult times and send you on your way.


It helps you lets go of the important things that don’t allow you to connect to joy, happiness, freedom, generosity, expansion, growth, peace -- Grace. Then... you find yourself becoming all those things.





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