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Work and Stress

"I am a person used to working under pressure, yet this time severe stress was winning. I was lucky Sandra offered BodyTalk, which immediately calmed me down. I released tension and began taking things more peacefully. Stress went down, and I completed the year 2011, without significant problems. Without BodyTalk, I am sure I would have quit my job even though my family depends on the sustenance I bring in. I worked here until 2020, when I retired." Milagro, San Salvador El Salvador 

Sometimes a fever is a good sign.  

"Sandra detected a virus in the respiratory system.  She told me that there was no need to worry if I developed a fever.  It is the immune system fighting the virus and would soon feel better.  I had a fever for the next three days, but at least the virus went away.  It is also delicious and relaxing.  " Carmen, 2011, Miami, FL

NOTE:  When viruses stay in your body without symptoms, they drain you of vital energy.  "Dormant" viruses are common in people with chronic fatigue.

A Pround Change and Peace 

"A skeptic at first, every time I get a BodyTalk session, I feel a profound change in me and peace." Maya, New York, NY.

My Pain went away

"The pain in my arm finally went away, with only three sessions in BodyTalk. Sandra is also a person but dedicated to service, and I highly recommend that everyone try this therapy." Luis, San Salvador

Relationship with my Mom 

"In one session, I felt the relationship with Mom changed, priceless, and it has remained a better relationship." Eva, San Salvador, Salvador.

BodyTalk is a journey of healing and growth

"I personally love being one of Sandra's first patients here in El Salvador. BodyTalk has been a unique and beneficial journey, and I still go to sessions every month. I look forward to it " Ana, San Salvdor, El Salvador, July 2012


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