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 Young Woman Contemplating

Work and Stress

"I am a person used to working under pressure, yet this time severe stress was winning. I was lucky Sandra offered BodyTalk, which immediately calmed me down. I released tension and began taking things more peacefully. Stress went down, and I completed the year 2011, without significant problems.


Without BodyTalk, I am sure I would have quit my job even though my family depends on the sustenance I bring in. I worked here until 2020, when I retired."

MILAGRO, San Salvador, 2013

Holding Thermometer

Sometimes a fever is a good sign.  

"Sandra detected a virus in the respiratory system.  She told me that there was no need to worry if I developed a fever.  It is the immune system fighting the virus and would soon feel better.  I had a fever for the next three days, but at least the virus went away.  It is also delicious and relaxing.  "


(Testimonial given before I was certified - BodyTalk is safe to do even while learning).

Carmen, Miami, 2010

NOTE:  When viruses stay in your body without symptoms, they drain you of vital energy.  "Dormant" viruses are common in people with chronic fatigue.

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