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An Innovative Therapy

BodyTalk works by:​

1.  Addressing the whole being - body, mind, spirit, psychology, belief systems, emotions, habits, experiences, memories, environmental, and generational factors in the quest for optimal health and wellness.

2.  Softly identifying your healing priorities, using a simple muscle-testing 

3.  Bringing light to the causes of your condition - usually there many unknown causes that are part of the healing process.

4.  Re-communicating, balancing & strengthening your body-mind so all of your systems can operate as nature efficiently intended.

5.  Optimizing your healing potential and promoting long-term wellness. 
BodyTalk is for all conditions and can be done online.
Equally effective as in-person therapy. 

BodyTalk is priority-based healing

"BodyTalk works  deeply 

at  the physical level.

A process of discovery and healing the causes."

"BodyTalk allows wellness at all levels 

Shifts psychology and consciousness.

A comprehensive healing."

Letting go of what is blocking your healing,


Recommunicating the body-mind, feeling strength and lightness

Rock Maze_edited.jpg


Holistic comes from the Greek word "holos," meaning "whole."​

  • BodyTalk™ considers the whole person and the impact of your life experiences on your body-mind.​

  • The BodyTalk™ System can treat a specific condition or as a means of maintenance and prevention.​


* BodyTalk™ does not use needles or painful procedures​​

* BodyTalk™does not prescribe medicine.

Getting back to Center 

Feeling Whole and Complete 

Transcended abuse
"This therapy  breaks patterns people say are difficult or take long to change. Back, neck pain, and headaches have disappeared as well as traumas and insecurities my last relationship left me." Gabriela
Healed Sarcoidosis

"It has not come back, the inflammatory disease that severely impairs the lungs. It is severe, and BodyTalk was able to address the illness from all perspectives."
Balanced Emotions
"With so much pride, I was able to share that I no longer suffer from severe mood changes, how I can identify what is bothering me, and have been able to let go of trauma." Gabriela
Reduced Work Stress
"Without BodyTalk, I am sure I would have quit my job even though my family depends on the sustenance I bring in.  I am still working here today". Milagro
Hand Massage


1.   BodyTalk uses minimal touch, similar to acupressure. 

2.   BodyTalk uses "the breath" to deepen healing and relaxation

3.   BodyTalk applies diverse specialized techniques for healing that are part of one coherent system with a specific protocol. 


4.   BodyTalk uses a light tapping technique to re-communicate, synchronize, & strengthen the body-mind.

5.   BodyTalk can address previously unknown causes of your condition. 


6.   BodyTalk can be done in an office or online, lying down or sitting on a comfortable chair.

7.  Soft enough for a baby, yet profound and effective.  No needles, no medicine, no harsh treatments.

Testimonials - BodyTalk with Sandra 

Woman in the Beach


Applicable to Career, Personal and Spiritual Growth, and Awareness

The holistic nature of BodyTalk nurtures personal and spiritual development, shifts perspectives, improves relationships, and deepens awareness, commonly referred to as - mindfulness. 

  • Let go of stress

  • Let go of circular thinking - BodyTalk helps calm the mind.

  • Let go of unpleasant memories, experiences, and limited belief systems that may be creating stress or causing "dis-ease" in your body-mind.

"You start to notice you are lighter and stronger, and relationships start shifting. Physical conditions and pains may also start to heal." 

ABOUT Sandra Borgonovo,


It's about unburdening and renewal; your body-mind reveals a natural ability to flow and more easily manage life's challenges." 

Certified twelve years of experience 

Sandra Professional_edited_edited.jpg

 Sessions online with Sandra, worldwide 

In my practice, I work primarily with the BodyTalk™ System and also offer other modalities such as Healing through Relaxation and Breathing, Self-Healing Techniques, Psych-K, Access Consciousness Bars, Facelift Bars, Meditation, and personal transformation.
"When I began to study the BodyTalk System, I was intrigued by BodyTalk's reach, combining many possibilities and techniques in one healing system. I was also impressed by BodyTalk's ability to treat the body-mind with a priority-based protocol and non-invasive principles, no needles, no medicine, or possibly harmful procedures.

Our bodies are dynamic and interconnected. Every part of our body-mind communicates with other body parts and systems, working together as an integrated whole. We are not just parts and symptoms.

"Clients/patients share that they feel stronger, lighter, and they understand life from a different, wider, and more wise perspective". 

"Some patients also experience

"aha" moments

of clarity 

they never expected."


"There is no overthinking your healing.  BodyTalk is a renewal of vitality,  letting go, and the lightening of your journey here

on earth"

"Consciousness and the physical body are connected.​  Shift your consciousness, change your health and life."



...and the profound influence it has on your health.

Psychology is not only in the brain but also in the body. Experiences and trauma are felt and stored in the body, not only in the psyche. 

Diseases are known to have multiple causes. BodyTalk can address the physical, psychological, emotional, generational, and other factors causing the dis-ease. 
Every part of your body has a physical-biological role and a consciousness role, practiced in Chinese medicine and other Ancient Healing Systems.

BodyTalk Logo

Dr. John Veltheim, Creator of the BodyTalk System

Dr. John Veltheim is an Australian Chinese Medicine Doctor, Acupuncturist, Meditation Master, Philosopher, Reiki Master, and author. He was the principal of the Brisbane College of Acupuncture & Natural Therapies for several years.​
His extensive post-graduate studies include Quantum Theory and Healing, Applied Kinesiology, Dynamic Systems Theory, Bioenergetic Therapy, Osteopathy, Sports Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Ancient Healing Systems, Chiropractic, Counseling, Comparative Philosophy, and Theology, among others in recent years. The Epstein-Barr Virus that had persisted in his BodyMind for years led him to develop the BodyTalk System and heal the condition.

"My purpose was not only to improve health but also to bring more awareness into the world."   Dr. Veltheim

Innovation, Science, Quantum Healing

Holding Hands_edited.jpg

Why do we call it BodyTalk?

Because we ask your body-mind what you need.  

Through a simple muscle-testing technique called muscle bio-feedback, we ask the body-mind: "What are your priority healing needs?"

You are unique.  Your condition or situation differs from someone else's, even with the same diagnosis.  Therefore, your healing session will be different.

Everything communicates within your body at all times.  The physiology of the body regulates all systems and processes.  Your body also communicates with the external environment by regulating body temperature and adjusting emotionally to life experiences. 
Everything is communicating or "talking" with each other from the smallest cell to large ecosystems to keep life thriving.


BodyTalk Bridges East & West Healing Modalities

A Cutting-edge Integrative Therapy

  • The modern knowledge of Western Medicine, Anatomy & Physiology, Cellular Biology, and Genetics. 
  • Ancient healing methods
  • Ancient Principles of Knowledge
  • The Principles of Chinese Medicine
  • The Energy Dynamics of Acupuncture
  • Eastern Medicine and Philosophy ​
  • Jungian Psychology and Individuation
  • Bio-Psychology 
  • Epigenetics and Ayurvedic Principles
  • Bio-dynamic Systems Theory
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Principles of Osteopathy and Kinesiology
  • Quantum Theory and Healing
  • Energetic Chiropractic Technique​

Do I have to be ill to choose BodyTalk as a therapy?

 The BodyTalk System™ also addresses any body-mind issues relating to challenging life situations, psychological, personal, or spiritual matters.

Prevent, Relax, lighten, BodyTalk is...


Maintain optimal
health at all
levels and
a strong
immune system.

Allow your body-mind to experience life in a lighter, more relaxed way.

No needles, no harmful procedures.  Health for the whole family, soft for a baby

During & after the process of an illness, end of a relationship, divorce, or loss of a job, or trauma.

"Experience more creativity, harmony, joy. BodyTalk is..."

It is a journey of the heart and expansion of consciousness, backed by innovative science.

Wholly enjoy your life, creativity, success, your new home, wedding, or the birth of a child.

A  powerful complement to your individuation process, the realization of self, awareness, potential, and spiritual awakening.

Free yourself from limiting beliefs,
habits, and
subconscious fears, trauma.

Embody, Balance, Nurture, Soften

 BodyTalk is...

Compassionate.  Heal, integrate, and softly lift yourself from any form of sadness or grief.

Centering.  When facing a difficult situation in life, work, career, and changes.

Embodying.  Feel more connected and aware of your body, emotions, and life, with a joyful, grounded, practicality—a somatic therapy.  Enjoy new-found creativity.  Let go of what is in the way. 


Preventive: Balanced body mind spirit, less stress, and healing the causes, a powerful preventive therapy.

An Older Woman Bathing in_edited_edited_edited.jpg


Connect with the Natural Wisdom of your Body-Mind 

Nature has wisdom, and so does your body. Reconnect to your body and intuition.  

The body speaks to us with pains, sensations, and hunches. Yet as beings in modern society, we live from the neck up, thinking, analyzing, and measuring, and we rarely stop to feel our bodies and listen to our intuition and heart.

Our body knows how to heal; it just needs a little help.  Allow your body to heal.
Let go of what is blocking optimal healing.
Feel more connected to yourself and your body


Body-Mind, Psychology, Healing,

Transformation, Habit Shifts

Helps in healing disease and injuries by addressing known and unknown causes 


Balance emotions and let go of limiting beliefs


Let go of trauma or  hurtful memories


Shift family patterns and relationship dynamics


Acceptance and forgiveness


Cultivate joy, abundance and fulfillment 


Feel lighter and more free


Develop wisdom and awareness.


Feel stronger, energized and purposeful





Rekindle passion for work. purpose or school


Focus and be more engaged


Productivity at work


Career Development


Manage uncertainly with greater peace


Cultivate abundance


Lead with less stress and more focus


Improve work relationships


Cultivate self-worth in all areas


More Testimonials

Lungs Illustration


Sleep Issues

"My sleep cycle regulated in a month, and I did not "siesta" anymore. My energy level went up considerably; today, I find myself at 85% more capacity than before the depression. It is a great triumph, and I feel I have almost recuperated my life." 

A Woman with a Black Hat



 "I experienced a complicated relationship.  Also, it is difficult for me to relax in general.  I was amazed at how quickly I relaxed.  The session made me aware of how angry and hurt I was, and I began healing.  BodyTalk balanced me for this anger.  Without the session, I may still be angry today, and I was able to let it go and am happier as a result."

Carmen Elena

Carmen Elena

Fears and Phobias

"I live in El Salvador, on the Pacific Earthquake fault. For years, I have been PHOBIC of tremors. I would experience trauma at any slight earth shake and not enter buildings. Sandra did five sessions on me, and twice, the fear of earthquakes came up. Lately, I have noticed - I have little fear. The freedom is fantastic and less shock to my body and less worry!"  

Girl with Arms Stretched Out


Work and Busines

Perfect.  Exactly what I needed.  My career has been on my mind since the beginning of this week.  I have a few plans for the next steps of my career journey.  One is starting a business with a friend.  This session will boost and speed up things.  You nailed it!  

Business Meeting


Business Transformation 

The BodyTalk did it. 

The partners were FINALLY able to come to an agreement!

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