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BodyTalk can profoundly affect your spirituality and religious path and reconnect you with that inner joy, love, and simple enjoyment of life. Whatever you believe about spirit or religion, it may become more profound, joyful, and lighter as a result.

Spirit defined: The vital principle or animating force within living beings.

Spirituality: That which reconnects you to spirit. 
"That which reconnects you with your authentic Self, joy, love, enjoyment, and devotion, and that which you care. "
Life becomes more manageable and happier.
After BodyTalk, people have found that they experience the world differently. Your mind experiences less negative chatter, your life shifts, your relationships change, and work seems less stressful. There are more significant and more joyful connections with Self and others. 



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Release your passion with BodyTalk ♥ BodyTalk is a truly heart-centered therapy, not only giving you physical healing yet clearing the way to reconnect with the natural joy and infinite wisdom of your heart. " Sandra Borgonovo

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