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Frequently Asked Questions 

The study of BodyTalk is thorough. Practitioners have a vast healing background. However, BodyTalk's concept is astonishingly simple.


It works by identifying priorities and re-communicating your body-mind so all of your systems can operate as nature intended.


The result is health, growth, and well-being.


1.  What is a BodyTalk session like?  Do I lie on a table?


Yes, the patient usually lies on a massage table, fully clothed.  The patient may choose to be sitting down.  The practitioner uses a simple, safe muscle testing technique - a form of bio-feedback, using your arm or hand with a gentle movement- to communicate with your BodyMind. Then she will tap on your head and heart to balance you.


2.  is it a massage?


No.  It is not a massage, and the session can be done with minimal touch on the body.  


3.  How long does it last? 

A BodyTalk session usually lasts about one hour.


4. Is the system safe?


The BodyTalk System™ has proved to be a safe and valuable effective healing modality.  It consults with your BodyMind needs and performs only what your body can process. 


 5.  How did BodyTalk originate?

Dr. John Veltheim, who has worked in health care for over 45 years, created the BodyTalk System.  His extensive post-graduate studies include Chinese Medicine, kinesiology, psychology, reiki, osteopathy, sports medicine, counseling, and comparative philosophy & theology.  He collaborates with scientists and doctors at the forefront of innovative science and health.  Dr. Veltheim ran successful acupuncture and chiropractic clinic in Australia for 15 years before changing his health care system to BodyTalk. 


6.  What will I feel during the session?

Everyone's response is unique, but generally, clients report feeling very relaxed and peaceful.  Some notice the movement of energy which may feel like warmth, tingling, or coolness.  


7.  What will I feel after the session?


Most times, you will feel well-being, relaxation, and pain even cease.  In other sessions, you may feel tired, or your symptoms may increase temporarily, which means you have a healing response.  For example, when a virus is in your system and you strengthen your immune system, you may get a fever for a few days.  Getting a fever is normal, and it means your body is fighting the virus, and the body is working and balancing the "dis-ease."  


8.  How long before I notice any results?

Some clients notice an immediate change, while others require a longer processing time.  Your response will depend on your concerns and objectives and how long you have been experiencing imbalance.


8.  How does my body talk if I am not saying anything?

We are born with innate wisdom, which understands and directs our body's functions.  This innate wisdom allows us to breathe without thinking and digest our food without worrying about each step.  The practitioner connects with that innate wisdom through a muscle-testing technique and uses a protocol chart to determine where your body-mind is out of balance.


9.  How many times will I have to come back?

Each person responds in ways unique to them and their goals, but generally, a client comes to BodyTalk three to five times in a span of two to three months.  After three to five sessions, they reevaluate their progress and goals with the practitioner. 


10.  What is "consciousness-based therapy"? 

What we think, feel, and believe affects our health.  Consciousness is the natural animating force of the universe and your body.  It keeps you alive and directs your heartbeat and lungs' breathing without you having to think about each step.  Organs work on their own, a true natural miracle.


Consciousness is your thoughts, emotions, belief systems, ideas, joy, and other aspects of your life.  There are various levels of consciousness, and a child has a different consciousness than a teenager, a college student, someone in their 20's, 30's, 40's, and so on. 


There is also physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual consciousness.  BodyTalk can tap into your BodyMind's consciousness at all levels.  It includes all consciousness rather than seeing you as a one-dimensional physical and compartmentalized being.  What we think, feel, and believe affects our health and vice-versa.


11.  Can BodyTalk tell me if I have an unknown illness?

BodyTalk is a non-diagnostic form of energy balancing and therapy.  At no time will a practitioner diagnose or prescribe any medicine or treatment, and BodyTalk does not recommend that anyone stop their medical care.  BodyTalk blends well with all forms of healthcare and wellness.


12.  Is BodyTalk a spiritual type of healing?

BodyTalk is a health and wellness system with no religious basis or affiliations.  However, it can strengthen your spiritual life as you feel healthier. 



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