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BodyTalk for Business and Organizations - Organization Dynamics

                                    #Conscious Business 

​      Testimonial, Deborah, NY --- "The BodyTalk did it." After months of having a stalemate and less than effective communication, the partners finally decided.   Only one session.  Thank you.  And we need to do another one."


Applicable for:


  Family Businesses

  Teens, University Students &

School Focus and Performance.

  Adaptability at School






  Students/ recent graduates

  Career Development

  Professional Team Sports

  Hobbies and Teams

  Other group related organizations


  Professionals of all types 

  Political Groups/Parties

What can it do for you? 


  • Inspiration and Creativity

  • Enhancing communication within group 

  • Integration of new leadership

  • Team efficiency

  • Increase productive efficiency

  • Let go of any limiting group-related belief systems and individual belief systems.

  • Relationship between co-workers

  • Performance 

  • The health of the organization, vitality

  • Balancing to the business environment, perceived competition, politics, or other environmental factors

  • Addressing the structure, or the new structure of an organization

  • Leading with change; adapting to change

  • More, depending on the goals of the organization

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Female Developers
Portrait of a Man
Business Meeting

     Interesting example: Sports clubs have worked with BodyTalk Practitioners to improve the team's synchronicity and enhance communication between coach and players. Working with BodyTalk for teams and groups has resulted in a dramatic improvement in overall performance.


     Specific sessions can be tailor-made, for example, to integrate a new player into the team to adapt to the change more quickly, which results in enhanced performance for both the individual and the team. We apply the same principles to "groups or team" members in a corporation, classroom, association, or family group.

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