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BodyTalk offers hope and healing to people with immune disorders.


Antonio, San Salvador, El Salvador, 2012 "I can begin by saying that BodyTalk is one of the most exciting experiences I've had in comparison to other therapies. I feel that it works at all levels. I had tried everything concerning my diagnosis of sarcoidosis, an immune disorder without explanation, like Lupus or Fibromyalgia. My 5-year long symptoms were: severe insomnia, depression, intense fear, anxiety, difficulty breathing because of nodules in my lungs, body pain, fatigue, weakness in the legs and muscles.


The Doctors told me that the condition is complex, and the only treatment is challenging for the body: Steroids, and if that did not work, then CHEMO! I did try the steroids for six weeks, but I could not handle it. That is the reason why I decided to continue with BodyTalk. In seven sessions, 80% of my symptoms were gone. Furthermore, my medical exams showed that 95% of my lung nodules were gone. 


​Today, after five years, I have been symptom-free. NOTHING! I AM HEALTHY! Part of me cannot believe it. I am healthy and have seen changes in life perspective, unexpected psychological changes, and an openness to new life experiences. It is an absolute pleasure to have Sandra as a therapist, and I am thankful to whoever taught Sandra what she knows because BodyTalk has been a complete success for me." 


He is still symptom-free in 2024. 

In such severe cases, maintenance sessions are recommended every two to three months for a year after the initial 5-8 sessions. 

There is hope and there is healing with BodyTalk... on Lupus, below:

"BodyTalk not only offers hope, but it also heals. In 2014, a young woman, 24 years old, came to me with Lupus and severe chronic fatigue. After two weeks, she went back to work. After one month, she started a work-study program. She is in remission and has been for a few years." Sandra Borgonovo 


Doctors may not even have a concrete diagnosis for your symptoms, yet BodyTalk can help, especially if doctors say they cannot do more. 

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