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Hannah, 2013, San Salvador, El Salvador, "I chose to go to Bodytalk to work on the lack of energy that accompanies depression and fatigue. In the first session, I had incredible sensations from a profound relaxation and emotions that varied from feeling uncomfortable to deep peace. The most astonishing thing that happened was that I jumped out of bed the following day, walked two kilometers, and went to mass at 6:00 a.m. Before, I could not get up before 10:00 a.m. 
Elena, November 2013 "My sleep cycle regulated in a month, and I did not "siesta" anymore. My energy level went up considerably, and today, I find myself at 85% capacity than before the depression. It is a great triumph for me, and I feel I have almost recuperated my life."

Woman Sleeping
Countless people come in for BodyTalk with sleep disorders, and BodyTalk helps get to the root causes insomnia.

In terms of depression, I could not think of a better therapy since BodyTalk considers trauma, memories, diet, strengthening of the body, PTSD techniques, generational factors, all in one treatment.  If someone is taking medication, we always respect Doctor's orders.  Always consult your Doctor about taking or going off medication. As a BodyTalk healing practitioner, we do not cover this area, and we do not medicate.

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