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Men and BodyTalk

BodyTalk is not only for healing, emotions and stress, but also for work and sports performance/focus, body training and strength, and other areas. BodyTalk involves maximizing performance at all levels and addressing emotional and psychological factors in a straight-forward and practical way while removing any limiting belief systems.

Many men (although not all) experience hesitation when being asked to seek therapy and healing, or talk about emotions.  However, being able to access emotions is part of a healthy life and connecting with others.  BodyTalk allows you to access emotions and process them in a balanced fashion, according to that which the BodyMind is comfortable.

Benefits of BodyTalk for men:

  • Faster healing of any injuries

  • Faster healing after an operation

  • Focus in sports

  • Less stress in your life in all areas

  • More understanding of life in all areas

  • Better focus and performance at work, sports

  • Results-oriented

  • Less talking, more healing

  • More awareness and contact with emotions when you need it

  • Very relaxing, safe, non-invasive

  • Your girlfriend or wife will love you - you finally did something

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