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Healing with the Dolphins Big Island Hawaii, 2016

Healing with the Dolphins Big Island Hawaii, March 2016

A sublime journey of the healing  


The day I received the email from friend Lisa Sullivan, an Advanced Practitioner from San Mateo, California, to travel to Hawaii and swim with Wild Dolphins, my immediate response was "Yeess!" a resounding yes! There was nothing else, and I was going. I had no idea that the sublime world of wild dolphins was even accessible. 

Question: Wild dolphins? Yes, out in the open sea and not confined by a pool or an aquarium. We also swam with pilot whales and a humpback whale that swam below us, and I could only see her from afar.

In the morning, we swam and connected with these beautiful beings for four days off the coast of Kona, Big Island Hawaii. In the afternoon, we immersed ourselves in a 6-day journey of healing, studying with renowned Dolphin Expert Joan Ocean. We learned about the consciousness of water, everything about dolphin life, and how they choose to interact with humans. Lisa would lead us in group BodyTalk sessions and meditations. 


For me, it cannot get better than this. Well, it did. The first four days, we were met by a group of 50 or more spinner dolphins who jumped in joy as we left the marina, followed by a beautiful morning swimming with about 200 bottle-nose and spotted dolphins. 


Joan Ocean has been swimming with the dolphins in the area for about 25 years. She names the dolphins who are now part of her family, so many came out to greet us. Joan gives them their name by marks on their body or a specific characteristic, such as how they swim and how they play.  

Not only did we learn about Dolphin consciousness and their ability to heal, but our group was also unforgettably and harmoniously linked by these amazing playful and evolved water beings. We experienced such a heightened state of consciousness akin to what we call bliss and love. Others had life-changing healings and shifts in perception about life. Our group was one Pod, which is how the Dolphins swim together, as one synchronized dance of playfulness, protection, collaboration, innocence, and love. We are all forever changed and assisted by these beautiful beings in our journey to wholeness.

It was the most harmonious group I have ever traveled with for an extended time. There was a flow, a heart openness even as challenges came up. As I look back on my intentions before the trip, all of them were met. I let go of another layer of fear and self-imposed limitations. I am forever connected to these beautiful dolphins, which I remember almost daily. It is a journey worth experiencing. 


Below I share a video I took on the third day of swimming with the Dolphins. 

To know more about Joan Ocean:

Fotography by Lisa Denning: and 

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